Created numerous editorial landing pages, sales mockups, interactive widgets, iphone apps, games, advertisements, as well as hired and managed illustrators for the Parenting brand.

A few of my favorites:

Healthy Lunch Maker – An interactive tool for moms to help plan and calculate a healthy and balanced lunch for their kids.

Momstrology – Another tool that lets you compare the parent’s astrological sign with their childs’ to see how well the two personalities mesh

Can I Eat It? – An iPhone app for pregnant women to help them quickly navigate the culinary ‘eats’ and ‘eat nots’ that pregnant women need to be aware of.

How Much Will This Kid Cost Me? – A web calculator to help future parents discover what they’ll spend to raise a child from birth through college

Parenting Holiday Logos РIllustrated by Aaron Meshan


Parenting Magazine


UI / UX / Wireframing / Graphic design / Branding

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